Bern Macon Hard Hat Review

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Bern Macon Hard Hat

  • Designed for multiple lower impacts that often occur at lower speeds.
  • Hard Hats with Brockª soft foam do not meet the standards for action sport head protection.
  • Softer foam for more comfort.
  • The winter liner just snaps in and out for an easy switch between winter and summer.

The Macon dishes up core clean lines that will look good during any season. Dishing out comfort and safety the Macon has a few different constructions that are sure to meet your needs whether youÕre on your board, bike, the slopes, or in the water. The HardHat simply put is not certified, it’s not a helmet, it is a hard hat. Designed for multiple lower impacts that often occur at lower speeds, this style is popular among the skating and snow community. The softer foam makes the helmet more comfortable and favorable to those new to wearing head protection and/or who is wearing it with an end use that is performed at lower speeds with multiple lower impacts. The HardHat model is not certified and uses an AVS shell lined with soft moisture wicking Brock Foam that may not meet your standards but does serve a purpose for others. Unique to the HardHats, unlike it’s certified helmet counterpart, the Macon EPS, once you’re done using the winter liner in those colder months just unsnap and go, no need for a summer liner.

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