Affinity Basic T-Bar Review

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Affinity Basic T-Bar

  • Affinity

Affinity knows that paying $80 + for a decent bar isn’t possible for everyone. So Affinity went out there and created the “basic” bar. This bar only costs $60 and is still made just as strongly as the Affinity Classic Bars and is still made in the USA with USA made products. Instead of using 4130 Chromoly Steel they decided to use a more cost effective material called DOM which is still just has strong as Chromoly and it is approved by the NHRA. Also these bars are locally powder coated as well. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of strong bars, these are definitely for you. Keep in mind that these bars are NOT sold with a slit. Standard bars without a slit are compatible with SCS only as is. For IHC, ICS, Mini HIC, and threaded compression systems, a slit must be installed. Oversized bars without a slit are compatible with full size SCS only as is. For HIC a slit must be installed. Once a bar has been modified, there are no refunds nor exchanges. If you have any doubt about compatibility call or email prior to purchasing.

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