Crash Pads 2600 Padded Under Shorts Review

Crash Pads 2600 Padded Under Shorts

  • Non-restrictive design
  • Impact resistant padding
  • 1/2 inch thermal formed, scored, flame bonded, high density foam
  • Technical moisture management Dry-Power fabric
  • Covers: tailbone, side hip, side leg, sits bones and front hip pointer

The 2600 Padded Short provides protection for side hip, side leg, front hip pointer and tailbone, with additional sit bone pads and without the tailbone shield of the 2500. If biking is your thing, this might be the perfect padded short for you. Designed for ‘underwearablity,’ the Crash Pads 2600 are worn underneath your shorts. The Crash Pads 2600 padded shorts are a longer padded short (to the top of knee) to prevent that ride-up feel. It also features Crash Pad ‘Dry-Power’ fabric that wicks moisture away.

• Product ID: 137461
• Model Number: 2606 JR
• GTIN: 0812746010607

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